Status: Aku sentiasa cool and rilex + pemalu/peramah + setia pada yang satu + inginkan segalanya ! :) hoho
Forever Young

I just wanna love you in my life and live with you :"(
Saturday, 5 January 2013 ? 0 Atashinchi ?

Don't worry dear , if you want me back , I always here with you and live with you , Insyaallahutaa'ala ~
I always Love you and Miss you so much beb :)
I never stop to pray of us to hapinesss :)
To forget you?
It's hardest to do for me and the stupid thing that i do :(
I still waiting you ~ 
I know you miss me right? I miss you too ~

Thanks for reading :)

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Status: ♥ I LOVE YOU Muhd Zulhaikal bin Sohaimie ♥ ::: I love our memories together and we promised to never leave each other right? I appreciate your love on me . I will make sure that nobody can take you from me ♥ :') ♥ Ya Allah .. Restukanlah hubungan aku dan dia hingga akhir hayat kami . Amin ya rabba al amin ... ♥

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