Status: Aku sentiasa cool and rilex + pemalu/peramah + setia pada yang satu + inginkan segalanya ! :) hoho
Forever Young

You are Unlucky woman ! You got that ?! ♥
Sunday, 26 February 2012 ? 0 Atashinchi ?
Guise of hidden feelings ! 

I most do not like if people who like looking for cheap publisi like you! that you first start, right? and I will end the beginning you fool! I do not try to seize happiness and try not tospoil my happiness. you understand?! Please do not want people busy with personal matters. start today, I'm getting hate you! hate! do not think I can do what I want. And you!Nobody here looking for risk, nobody here is to bear! the mirror before I stir the emotions of others

Sekali aku benci orang tuh , sampai mati aku boleh benci orang tuh lah !
#Kau yg mulakan dulu kan and I'm not sorry for you , you got that ?! >.< Kbai .
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You already have a lover right? So why are you still close "tergedik-gedik" lover of others? I do not understand is the kind of woman you are. You do not seem quite embarrassed face! not self-conscious self :D okay ? #Please consciousness.
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Status: ♥ I LOVE YOU Muhd Zulhaikal bin Sohaimie ♥ ::: I love our memories together and we promised to never leave each other right? I appreciate your love on me . I will make sure that nobody can take you from me ♥ :') ♥ Ya Allah .. Restukanlah hubungan aku dan dia hingga akhir hayat kami . Amin ya rabba al amin ... ♥

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