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Forever Young

♥forget the past story and must started the new life style♥
Thursday, 6 October 2011 ? 0 Atashinchi ?
5/10/2011 - i never forget this day dear :'(

apepon kite dh oke an .xmo gado-2 agy k . pasal ary2 bby xnk ingt lgi about last day . mang xhenti-2 aw air mgalir niey mgalir bile pkir an psl ary2 .but bby maafkn b lah wlauapepn jadi . n bby pn mntk maaf gak if bby wt b skit aty n bdmood . xd niat pn nk wt b skit aty smue uh . just bby agk terkilan gak lah ble b bdmood smue uh . sokeyy lah .bende dh lps xyah ingt agy .just jdi pngajaran je n memories an . bby syg gle-2 kt b aw . xnk khilangn owg yg bby syg  
bby hope sgt-2 kite dpt kekalkn relationship kite k .. coz i love u so much b . i misss u so much . 

"if u love me,i love u more back " 
"if u happy with me , i will happy back for u "
"if u badmood, i will badmood back to cry :( " 
and the important is .....
 " if u trust me ,i will trust u back " 

Thanks for reading :)

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Status: ♥ I LOVE YOU Muhd Zulhaikal bin Sohaimie ♥ ::: I love our memories together and we promised to never leave each other right? I appreciate your love on me . I will make sure that nobody can take you from me ♥ :') ♥ Ya Allah .. Restukanlah hubungan aku dan dia hingga akhir hayat kami . Amin ya rabba al amin ... ♥

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