Status: Aku sentiasa cool and rilex + pemalu/peramah + setia pada yang satu + inginkan segalanya ! :) hoho
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Friday, 22 July 2011 ? 0 Atashinchi ?
please jgn ambek dy dri sye .. sye syg sgt2 kt dy aw .. love u b <3 

"...can i accept u? i think can but i'm not ready to accept u but as u know I LOVE U ..."
and NOW ,,, i already ACCEPT him . hehe . s0 now we are in relantionship VS married . hehe ....

In Relantionship with Zoul Haikal Sohaime <3

DATE : 8 July 2011
DAY   : Friday
TIME  : 9.00 P.m

8 . 7 . 2011 date relantionship ! hope on this year,you will got happiness and success in your life and carry on believe that i always support you n0 matter what happen,the important one is,trust me that my love is only for you , n0t for only before + today .. but for forever .. hope our relantionship remains forever ...

Thanks for reading :)

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Status: ♥ I LOVE YOU Muhd Zulhaikal bin Sohaimie ♥ ::: I love our memories together and we promised to never leave each other right? I appreciate your love on me . I will make sure that nobody can take you from me ♥ :') ♥ Ya Allah .. Restukanlah hubungan aku dan dia hingga akhir hayat kami . Amin ya rabba al amin ... ♥

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